Questing Options

$25.95 for online version
At the completion of purchase, 
click the "RETURN TO MERCHANT" button 
at the bottom of the PayPal screen 
to view the original email from Rosa & start questing!
Whether questing on your own or with others, you will need access to some modern technology including: A computer or tablet, access to the internet, and an email address through which you can communicate with Rosa. 

Your 2-hour, 26-step experience is rated "advanced and complex" and is customizable to ensure you participate in a way that fits your druthers and lifestyle. We offer experiences for both individuals and group, online or in person. Cost for online version is $25.95.

INDIOS are solo questers. CADORS are those who join a Cadrix (group) to quest together, whether online or in person, all at once, or in stages.
  • Indio online - Hunker down to go solo at your own pace.  
  • Cadrix online - Join with other Cadors online via our Facebook group or our Discord channel
  • QuestFest - We will send you everything you need to turn your quest into a party including physical props, party favors, menus suggestions, games, even the cryptex itself! Cost: $129.95 + shipping. Email to inquire.
However you elect to play, do yourself a favor and use a computer or at least a tablet. Smartphones screens are too small to make for an enjoyable questing experience. It would also help to have a Google account (such as Gmail), though that's not imperative. Brains and a good attitude wouldn't hurt either.