Thursday, July 25, 2019

Welcome to Turkey!

Stage 02-a

I do hope you chose to bring your passport with you as one of your 10 items, otherwise I'm afraid you will have to go home to get it, losing valuable time. If you've not exchanged money yet, please do so at the Istanbul Havaliman─▒ airport.

If you brought the guidebook, simply ask someone on the street for assistance. You can point to the photo of Hagia Sophia
or if you brought a Turkish-English dictionary, you can try to ask for directions to the bus to the basilica
Withought a guidebook or dictionary, you may have to use 2 minutes of your phone's data plan to look up how to get to Hagia Sophia

How many lira did you get, how much did it cost in American dollars, you paid $2 American for the bus from the airport to Hagia Sophia
 and how many greenbacks do you have left?
How many data minutes did you use and how many do you have left?  INSERT FORM