Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Getting away with the goods

Now that the book has been unlocked, get out of there before someone sees what you're doing!
My research shows there are tunnels beneath the basilica. You can take one of them to get outside and return to your hotel so we can go through the box together.

If you brought a flashlight as one of your 10 items to pack, we're in good shape. If not, it will probably cost you a good fifteen minutes of lost time to stumble around trying to find your way out. That will set us back a bit, but not a lot.

The entrance to the tunnels at Hagia Sophia
Going deeper under the basilica
Make sure to hide the book as best as you can and not open it on the bus. Who knows what it contains. It could be a scorpion, toxic gas, or something worse!

Click here once you're back in your room and we'll peruse the contents together.